Book Review | 6 | Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Today, I'll be giving you my book review of Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

Landline was my book read last month and I get to finished it exactly before the month ends. But because I was busy, just like what I said to my last post, today is the only time where I get to make a book review about it.

So, how was it for me? To be honest I liked it… at first. But the middle and ending got me like, nothing. I was hooked by the story. It's not your typical husband and wife kind of story that's why, I liked it. The problem is that, I expected too much in the story making me so disappointed in the end. It was wonderful in the beggining but (I'm sorry) turns to be boring at the middle and end. There's only one chapter that makes me really wanna scream because of all the feels but after that, back to normal.

It was beautiful. It's just there's lacking something and I don't know what is it. I really like Rowell's Fangirl to be honest but this one is different for me. I'm not saying Rowell is a bad author. I haven't read her other works anyway and I'm currently reading Attachments and Eleonor and Park.

It wasn't bad after all, really. It's just It is not my favorite. My teacher told me about Eleonor and Park and she said it's a must read so I'm kind of having a high expectations on that.

I hope you liked my honest review, until my next post, bye.


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