Typical Me | 4 | My Sleep Paralysis Story

Okay listen. I've been experiencing sleep paralysis (a lot) these past few weeks and I don't know what's the cause or reasons. It's just it has been so frequent that sometimes, I'm too afraid to sleep anymore. Here are the things or my experiences during sleep paralysis. This will be updated every time I will experience it.

Before I tell you what happened to me recently, I'm going to tell you about my past experiences that I forgot what were the dates.

The first time I experienced it was when I was in our couch, sleeping, afternoon. My position is I was facing the couch. I opened my eyes and is aware of my sorroundings. I woke up with someone calling my name. Repeatedly. It's just a whisper and in my head, I thought it was my brother pranking me but then I can't move. The voice started to get loud and creepy and that's when I realize that it's not my brother. I pushed myself to wake up and then that's it.

Next is when I was sleeping in my room, afternoon. This is just short. I opened my eyes and saw my cabinet. It was open. Normal. But as I look closely to it, still asleep/awake, there's someone inside the cabinet looking at me. That's when I realized I'm having sleep paralysis again. I tried to move but I can't. Again, tried to push myself to be awake and I survived lol.

Last thing I can remember, this was the creepiest I guess. It was night. I was sleeping in my room. I felt that something has been pushing my chest that it was so so so so heavy and I really can't move and breathe. I woke up. Totally woke up because I already pushed myself to wake up but because I was so sleepy that time, I tried sleeping again but as I close my eyes, in just a split second, my chest started to get heavy again and I can't move my body. I tried waking up myself but I can't. I started to pray because I was too afraid already. I pray but everytime (okay this is the wierdest part) I will mention God's name, my chest gets heavier and heavier. So I STOPPED praying. I told myself, Okay I'm just going to visualize God's face. I did that BUT when I visualize God's face, his face turns into skull and I felt that someone literally pushed my chest sooo hard that I woke up chasing for some air to breathe because my breath literally stopped that time. I waited for my brother to come home that night because I was really scared.

Just for your information, I'm living alone so I'm too afraid to experience this. I want answers that's why I'm posting this. In case you know why I experience these things, please PLEASE comment below.

June 25, 2017

It's afternoon. I was sleeping in my room. At first I was dreaming about these three person. I forgot who they were but in my sleep, I know I knew them and then later on, I woke up. I can see my sorroundings and I'm conscious, and there they are above me. They reached for my neck and started choking me. That's we're I realized that I'm having sleep paralysis because I can't move my body. I tried to move myself. Pushed myself to be awake and luckily, I did woke up myself.


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