Poetry | 21 | Life

You've been in the dark room ever since.
You've been staring at the stars that is so bright, Yet your body is like dead stars ready to explode in the galaxy.
You close your eyes.
Suddenly, a friend comes in your mind Repeating words saying you will never be fine. You wipe the tears away.
You look for a hand to hold
but nobody's around so you just kept your hands close.
But then you remember,
you're alive.
You're breathing the air that some people are wanting to have in order to survive.
You can walk.
You have those feet to go places whenever you want.
You can talk.
You have the voice that we've been waiting to hear for so long
because you kept it silent, scared no one's gonna listen
But I'm here.
We all walked in the same path
tripped on different time in different rocks.
Different degree of hurt, different lessons in life
but I can turn off the faucet in your eyes.
It is still up to you if you're gonna lend me you hand
But if you chose not to,
I will let you remember these.
One, happiness is a choice.
Two, don't let the demon stays in your head
cause I know you've got that angel in your heart just waiting for you to notice them.
Three, giving up is a choice but it is not a good choice.
Four, whatever situation you are in, there's always a way out.
And five, be strong.
That's your key to read the last page of your book.
It may be dark today or yesterday but it's always different from tomorrow.
It isn't your last chance to end your sorrows.
You only have this one life.
And if you're gonna live it?
make sure it's worth it.


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