About Me



My name is Jenny Magalona. I’m 17 years old. A Filipino senior high school student studying at the University of the East Caloocan and I’m taking up Humanities and Social Sciences as my strand.

I’m actually an introvert. But I love to travel. I love writing, photography, and films. I’m also a bibliophile. I also struggle to what they call social anxiety and yes, it sucks. But I’m trying my best to explain everything I feel on people… through my blog. I’m a fun human being I swear, that’s what my friends would probably tell you if you ask them that but it isn’t always like that. Just like usual in life. And through this blog? You’ll get to know me. My secluded thoughts and just how I make progress in life.

This blog is more like a personal, student, lifestyle kind of blog. Yes. To be exact, everything is in here, starting from reviews, travel and stories and poetry. I just love writing and sharing what I love to other people.

Fun fact about this blog, this blog was named HER SECLUDED THOUGHTS before but then, as it grows, I changed it to JEN IN PROGRESS. I guess it suits more and well.

If you want to contact me, click here or simply just follow my social media links and let’s get in touch!